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Roman Polanski Triple Bill - Repulsion / Cul De Sac / Knife in the Water


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Triple Blu-ray Box Set featuring - for the first time on Blu-Ray - Roman Polanski's critically acclaimed films - Repulsion, Cul De Sac and Knife in the Water; along with Polanski's Polish short films and interviews with Polanski by Clive James, Russell Harty and Melvyn Bragg, olus a feature on Polanski's exit from Poland to the West.


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Polanski's Polish Shorts: Murder • Teethful Smile • The Lamp • Let's Break The Ball• When The Angels Fall • The Mammal • Two Men and a Wardrobe • Ticket to the West. Interview with Stanley Long - Replacement Cinematographer • The Southbank Show - Interview with Roman Polanski Russel Harty interview with Roman Polanski • Clive James meets Roman PolanskiOriginal Theatrical Trailers for Repulsion and Cul-De-Sac

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