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Bloodbath at the House of Death


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It’s August 1975 and despicable evil is afoot at Headstone Manor, the remote country pile playing host to the ‘Businessman’s Weekend Retreat and Girls Summer Camp’. Mysterious robed figures are roaming the grounds and it’s not long before they unleash an orgy of bloody violence upon a dozen of the manor’s unfortunate residents. Eight years later, a group of scientists, headed by boffin Dr. Lukas Mandeville (Kenny Everett) and his assistant Dr. Barbara Coyle (Pamela Stephenson), are summoned to the house to investigate several occurrences of bizarre paranormal activity. Unknown to the scientists, their presence is about to incur the wrath of a local coven of bumbling but determined Satanists led by a 700-year-old disciple of the Devil known only as the Sinister Man (Vincent Price), all of whom are prepared to stop at nothing in purging the house of the unwelcome intruders.


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