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Darn Good Westerns #4 (Thunder Mountain, Under the Tonto Rim, West of Pecos)


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Thunder Mountain: Returning to his Arizona homestead, Marvin Hayden lands in the middle of an age-old feud between the Haydens and the Jorths, both families accusing the other of murder. The feud, however, has been engineered by someone else entirely. Under the Tonto Rim: Brad Canfield runs a highly successful stagecoach company, but it’s constantly targeted by bandits. One robbery goes too far when the gang kills one of the drivers and Canfield must take matters into his own hands. West of Pecos: Col. Lamberth travels west to his Texas hacienda accompanied by his headstrong daughter Rill. En route, they witness the killing of a stagecoach driver, that’s been blamed on Pecos Smith. Rill and Smith fall in love, initiating war on the hacienda.


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