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Dracula (1974)


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Academy Award® winner* Jack Palance stars in this terrifying adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire legend written for the screen by sci-fi/horror master Richard Matheson and produced by the legendary Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows). Palance is Count Dracula, whose centuries-old existence is threatened after he attacks the lovely Lucy Westenra (Fiona Lewis) and her fiancé (Simon Ward, The Tudors) calls in famed vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing (Nigel Davenport) to investigate. Filmed on location in England and Yugoslavia, DAN CURTIS’ DRACULA has been transferred and restored in 2K High Definition from the original 35mm camera negative and presented here on Blu-Ray for the first time!
Dan Curtis


05/01/2016 10:10:34

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29/10/2015 11:07:09

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