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The Man Who Never Was


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Three times Oscar nominated Clifton Webb, Robert Flemyng and Oscar winner Gloria Grahame* star in this highly acclaimed 1956 British war film, based on an incredible true story. In 1943, two intelligence officers from the Royal Navy (Clifton Webb, Robert Flemyng) attempt to pull off the most daring espionage mission of the Second World War. The Allies are about to invade Sicily – but the Germans must be convinced that their real target is Greece. A briefcase containing plans for the fake invasion is attached to a body dressed as a British major and given an elaborate false identity. The ‘man who never was’ is then left at sea for the Germans to find. However, Nazi intelligence believes that the find may be just too good to be true – and a desperate cat-and-mouse game begins in the heart of war torn London… Directed by three times Oscar nominated Ronald Neame, based on the best-selling book by Ewen Montagu and featuring a superb supporting cast that includes Stephen Boyd, Michael Hordern, Andre Morrell and Cyril Cusack, The Man Who Never Was won the 1957 BAFTA for Best Screenplay and was nominated for Best Picture.


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