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The Roommates

Four beautiful college roommates and a sexy stewardess are in for much more excitement than they planned for when a summer getaway. Whilst camping at Lake Arrowhead, the gang of 5 hit the party circuit. However, things go awry when the girls find themselves the targets of a killer!

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The Water Babies

A star-studded, who's who of British cinema features in this delightful tale of a young street urchin, Tom (Tommy Pender) who unknowingly helps petty crooks (James Mason and Bernard Cribbins) rob a rich country house. As Tom escapes the police by jumping into a lake, he is transported to an under water cartoon-world where he has to help others find safety in order to redeem himself and return to the above water world.

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Budo - The Art of Killing

Budo: The Art of Killing is a highly acclaimed docu-drama on martial arts that was shot entirely on location in Japan. This visual tribute to martial arts mastery has earned the respect of fans and practitioners of all disciplines worldwide. Highlighting the various techniques of ‘Budo’ (Karate, Judo, Aikido, etc), it explores the spiritual and historical traditions, as well as the techniques of training and fighting.

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Shining Sex

One of the most provocative films of writer/director Jess Franco’s career. Lina Romay is at her most explicitly seductive as an exotic dancer whose body is inhabited by a being from another dimension to explore desire, depravity and death, while Uncle Jess himself portrays a wheelchair-bound psychic obsessed with the paranormal. Shot on location in the seaside resort of La Grande Motte, Evelyne Scott (DEVIL’S KISS), Monica Swinn (BARBED WIRE DOLLS) and Olivier Mathot (THE SADIST OF NOTRE DAME) co-star.

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The Stud

Handsome and sensual Tony Blake (Oliver Tobias) has ambitions to acquire his own discotheque in fashionable London. So when he meets the ravishing and insatiable Fontaine Khaled (Joan Collins), Tony agrees to manage her disco and also attend to Fontaine’s more ‘personal requirements’. The sexually-charged relationship of this ill-starred couple plays out against a hedonistic backdrop of international intrigue, sexual lust and illicit love in this renowned 70’s bonkbusting blockbuster!

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